Registration for Internationally Educated Dietitians

If you have been trained as a dietitian outside of Canada, the College of Dietitians of Prince Edward Island (CDPEI) will require an assessment of your academic and practical training. The Canadian Dietetic Practice Orientation and Assessment Tool helps internationally educated dietitians to learn about dietetic practice in Canada. It is recommended that internationally educated dietitians do this self-assessment to compare their knowledge and skills to the Canadian dietetic practice standards. 

The application process to become licensed as a dietitian or nutritionist is below:

  • Step 1: Apply to the College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO) and follow steps 1, 2 and 3 at this link.  
  • Step 2: Apply to CDPEI after passing the Complete Performance-Based Assessment (PBA).  To become licensed on Prince Edward Island, the CDO's Jurisprudence Knowledge and Assessment Tool (JKAT) is not required. To apply to CDPEI, submit an application for candidate licensure. Once you receive a candidate license with CDPEI, you can work as a dietitian or nutritionist on Prince Edward Island  (with applicable work permit).
  • Step 3: After successfully completing the PBA and becoming a temporary member, you will be eligible to write the Canadian Dietetics Registration Exam (CDRE).  The CDRE is written two times each year (May and November).  Click here for more information about the CDRE. 

How long is the assessment process?
The length of time depends upon when a complete application is received.  For example, if you submit a complete application and meet eligibility criteria* by mid-December, you can take the Knowledge and Competency Assessment Tool (KCAT) in February.  If successful on the KCAT, you can take the PBA in July.  If successful taking the PBA, you can take the CDRE in November.  

*Eligibility criteria to take the KCAT: 
  • Completion of a degree and practicum reasonably related to a Canadian accredited dietetics degree and practicum
  • English language proficiency

Contact the CDPEI Registrar at if you have any questions or to schedule a telephone appointment.