PEI Dietitians Registration Board

In Prince Edward Island, practicing dietitians must be registered with the PEI Dietitians Registration Board. The Board is a public body that regulates the practice of dietetics in the public interest. (Dietitians Act R.S.P.E.I. 1988)

Over 60 dietitians are registered with the Registration Board. Registered dietitians are health care professionals who are trained to provide advice about diet, food and nutrition. Dietitians use scientific evidence to help people make healthy food choices, separating fact from fiction and distinguishing healthy eating plans from those that do not provide optimal nourishment.

Dietitians play a major role in health care, industry, government and education. They influence policy development, direct nutrition programs, manage quality food services and conduct nutrition research.

On PEI, dietitians provide nutrition services in a variety of settings:

  • Community health centres
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care homes
  • Diabetes programs
  • Public health
  • Grocery stores/pharmacies
  • Community & non-government organizations
  • Academic and research settings
  • Private practice

Why is Regulation Important?

In order to be registered as a dietitian, an applicant must meet the entry requirements and standards of practice set by the Board. The public can be assured that when working with a registered dietitian, they are working with a nutrition professional who meets the strict standards set by the Board. Registered dietitians are the only regulated nutrition health professionals in PEI.