Registration Renewal

Registration is for one year beginning April 1 and ending the following year on March 31.

Each dietitian registered with the College of Dietitians of Prince Edward Island is notified and directed annually by e-mail, in mid January, to complete the renewal process by the last day of February, one month before registration expires on March 31.

Click here for the Professional Development Record Guidelines and click here for a chart on which to record continuing educational events.

Dietitians are required:
  1. To update his/her electronic database file as directed by the last day of February.
  2. To send to the Registrar a completed professional development/continuing education record on the form provided along with supporting documents A cheque/money order for the prescribed registration fees made out to the College of Dietitians of Prince Edward Island.
This renewal package must be received by the last day of February. There is a $100 late fee. Once the fees are processed, the receipt, a summary form of continuing education credits and a seal are mailed to each dietitian who has met the requirements for renewal.